Our internal graphic studio supports the customer in the production of tags, woven labels and printed labels, from design to execution of the existing sample. The wide assortment of papers of different thicknesses and weights, quality prints, the ennobling of the product through the most refined and innovative printing techniques, all realized inside our structure, allow us to satisfy even the most demanding customers; in fact we serve the most important national and international fashion brands.


The clothing sector is governed by increasingly stringent rules and certifications and the opening of new markets. The information to report on the garments is growing and subject to controls by the customs authorities. Brands must guarantee sufficient quality standards for their garments and labeling is no exception; the 'identity card' of the garment must remain legible until sale to the end customer and further or must meet specific requirements (such as the OEKO Tex certification). The supply chain and sourcing logic of companies is much more complex and delocalized than in the past and the traceability of data as well as the certainty of their consistency is crucial.

Our company has designed and developed the E2K online software for managing variable data on merchandise labels. The application is web-based, so it allows you to replicate the management process on the various production sites (Italy, China, Bangladesh, etc.) in the same way. Informs users through automatic e-mail communications, reporting important data and details for both the ETICHETTA 2000 Customer Service and the Vendor.

The system is protected and usable only with login and password from Vendors authorized by the Customer, thus ensuring greater control over the quantities developed by each supplier. The orders entered are registered in a database and therefore easily traceable. Being independent, the tool can be used at any time without being tied to working hours / time zones. it is possible to have a summary report of the orders including the reference dates and the desired details; all in an easily readable format and automatically sent by the system.

The information on the care labels or product labels can be of two types; fixed (such as the customer's brand or particular digits) and / or variables, such as composition of the garment, washing instructions and symbols, etc.

Using E2K Online means solving the problem of managing such heterogeneous information and making available to the vendors the variable information sets previously agreed between ETICHETTA 2000 and the Customer, ensuring the use of the same information for all product labels for each of the vendor in the world.

The system uses databases in no way accessible from the outside, so as to ensure the integrity and security of information of each customer managed by ETICHETTA 2000; translations into the desired languages ​​will not change from supplier to supplier.

ETICHETTA 2000 printing centers use the same technology to facilitate the implementation of any changes and to avoid differences in print quality.


To speed up and optimize orders from customers, we have implemented software applications for online registration of the customer order and the automation of variable data printing, with product delivery in a very short time. We also design e-commerce applications for fixed and mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems. We use the most important and advanced programming languages for development such as C #, Java, Html, PHP, Js, Visual Basic, CSS, SQL and Android.


To guarantee the originality of the product, we can protect our customers' Brand with a unique anti-counterfeiting service, offering the possibility to create personalized QR codes and holographic strips on care labels. The QR code can be easily and comfortably read from your smartphone, while the holographic strip introduces non-replicable levels and sub-levels of control, guaranteeing the consumer the possibility to check the authenticity of the garment at any time. We are also able to print holograms directly on the tags and on the woven labels, to certify the originality of the garment.


The distribution of the product is constantly monitored and uses both company means and the most reliable domestic and foreign transport services to guarantee punctual deliveries.


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